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Much as I'd love to offer these ebooks for sale, they would likely not be big sellers. I spent several years researching each book, and I believe they have a contribution to make so they are here for your use. If you figure they are worth something to you, recruit a new student to your club, try a class yourself, organize a self defence session or buy something from this catalogue.

There's always a way to pay it back.

Half A Century books.

These are about 50 pages each which is a good size for your tablet or phone. Not too large and easy enough to get around in. They are collections of Kim Taylor's essays from his blog which you will find here:

Half a Century I
                          a Century II
                          a Century III download
HaCIII contents
                          a century IV download
download half a century V
                          cent V download
half a century
half a
                          century VI
half a century VII half a
                          century VII
half a century
half a
                          century VIII
half a century
half a
                          century IX
half a century X
half a
                          century X

e-pub format books

These books are in epub format. You will need an e-reader such as Calibre on your computer/tablet, or a dedicated reader such as Kobo. Firefox also has an add-on reader. If all else fails, open the file with a zip program and read the html files.

The Psychological Effects of Martial Arts Training

                Psychological Effects of Martial Arts Training

This e-book by Kim Taylor, written in 1996, is being offered to customers of free of charge. It is a literature review of the research into, you guessed it, the psychological effects of martial arts training. For anyone who would like to say that their martial art or self defence course does some good, download it, read it. E-pub format.

Psych-effects-MA PDF version

Little Pearls of Wisdom: On teaching a self defense course

                Pearls of Wisdom 
Kim has taught the women's self defense course "Gryphon Claws" at the University of Guelph since 1987. This is a two-part e-book in epub format (zipped). The first part contains advice relevant to instructors of any self defense course. The second part contains common sense advice which can be given as a handout to your class. Feel free to share this book with other self defense instructors. If you like the writing style consider purchasing one of the manuals above. This is an excerpt from the hard copy of "A Student's Guide to Self-Defence: A Discussion of Practical Self Protection" above.  E-pub format

A Student's Guide to Self-Defence: A Discussion of Practical Self Protection

                Guide to Self Defence

This book is the manual for the University of Guelph "Gryphon Claws" women's self defence course taught since 1987 by Kim Taylor. The book was written in 1992 and contains material relevent to courses dealing with self defence and sexual assault of University age adults. This is an excerpt from the hard copy of "A Student's Guide to Self-Defence: A Discussion of Practical Self Protection" above. E-pub format

This free ebook was produced because I thought the hard copy self defence book had just not sold since 1994, turns out it wasn't listed on the website! So... if you want to buy the much more handy hard copy book, for instance, if you wish to teach the course, it's above. I'm also available for seminars.

In the meantime, click this link to get the free copy.

students guide to self

Resisting Sexual Assault: A manual of resistance strategies for escaping a sexual assault

"Resisting Sexual Assault" is a manual of sexual assault prevention based on published literature. It defines the problem, gives an analysis of resistance, strategies and the aftermath of assault. Written by Kim Taylor, published by and offered free to you here.

Resisting Sexual

Hardcover version is available for sale above.


Patterns of Thought

Patterns of

This book of photography and poetry from Kim Taylor, has nothing at all to do with the martial arts or self defense. It contains some of Kim's fine art nude photography (nothing graphic) so don't download it if you're looking for yet another way to smack someone with a stick. The book is here because I told some folks it would be here. By the way, it's a big book, byte-wise because of the photos so be patient with your kobo as it loads. E-pub format

Patterns of


Copyright stuff

I know you guys can rip and burn the DVDs, copy the videotapes and photocopy the manuals, and in the interests of spreading the art, maintaining my sanity and simple time constraints, I'm likely not going to come after you if you do, but hey, we don't really charge all that much for what you get and those payments help produce more instructional material.  If you want to share these materials around why not just drop us a line and ask us about bulk discounts.

And please remember, you don't own copyright on this stuff so for the good of your own karma don't go copying and selling it. It's a small community and we do hear back from people.

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"It's not exactly full of beautiful models in undies but you might find something you want."

The Sei Do Kai provides training in Iaido, Kendo, Niten Ichi-ryu Kenjutsu and Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo through classes, seminars and camps.

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